Don’t Let Grieving Stop You from Living Your Life.

Last updated: March 2021

Grieving the loss of the life we used to know, it’s difficult. Gut wrenching. Thinking that all hope is lost. Trust me, it took me a lot of time, a lot of tears and a lot of worry that consumed me.

I found out that the grieving was more destructive to my self than the actual disease that was growing inside of me.

You need to take that pain, that sorrow and that feeling of hopelessness and place it in a box. Take that box and go outside with a shovel. Go to your favorite spot in your yard and dig deep. Place the box inside and bury it. Make sure it’s covered and sprinkle some water on top.

In time, you will see that something will start to grow from that spot, something that will transform into some wonderful, something made up from your wildest dreams. You will see hope, you will see love and you will see beauty.

You will see yourself.

Free and alive.

Don’t let the grieving stop you from living your life.

It has always been there for you.

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