Being Grounded

Being grounded.

Often times in our lives, events of an unforeseen nature can wreak havoc and create a rip in our reality that so devastates and rewrites the very story of our existence. Such events like multiple sclerosis.

The once carefree day, of walking along a beach, going to the pizza joint across town or seeing the latest movie suddenly has no meaning. The flavors disappear into a bland, inedible mess.

Life prior to diagnosis is still there

Picking up the pieces of the life that you used to know, the once so familiar picture now fragmented, distorted, is harder than one thought possible.

Yet, the life you had prior to the diagnosis is still there. It has always been there. The once unshakable person, the spirit that flowed deep within, waits. It understands that you need time. A moment to lower your head, to close your eyes and try to remember how to breathe again.

It waits, while you search on how to be grounded again. To let your feet touch the earth, to let your toes sink into the loose dirt and reclaim what was once yours. It has always been there, and will always be.

Grounded in faith, family, and friends

To be grounded with your faith, to be grounded with your family and to be grounded with your friends.

It’s ok to lose focus from time to time. Multiple sclerosis is a creature that lives to terrify. It will do its best to grab hold of your spirit, of your very being, and to never, ever let go. You cannot let it, you must not let it win.

Life isn't over

You have to ground yourself, to wake up from the nightmare and to see that the sun still rises, the birds outside of your window still chirp in happiness. You need to get out of bed, put on your favorite slippers and walk towards your coffee machine. Once then, you realize, you are still alive, your life isn’t over.

You have to stay grounded.

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