Half Full

A purpose of this document demonstrates how a person’s background, education, perspective can either lead to their fear of MS or their encouragement to fight MS. Over the years I have been told by various medical professionals that MS will not cause death. That statement gave me anxiety and encouragement both. MS can be looked at from two perspectives with one result, death. The two perspectives are root cause from a medical viewpoint and root cause from in engineering viewpoint. An objective is to be cautious with situations that could result in death, falls or pneumonia for example.

My anxiety was elevated by my safety engineering root cause analysis that led me to designate MS as the root cause of death. Its removal, not going to happen currently, from problem-fault-sequence prevents the final undesirable, death, from occurring. Granted death is inevitable for everyone but MS is an unwelcome catalyst with this event.

On the side, exists encouragement, I am an engineer not a medical professional. A prediction is that there will be an eventual cure for MS making it a half-full scenario. Currently a medical professional will claim that MS is not the sole root cause of fatalities. Nevertheless it has the ability to generate causal factors that lead to fatalities. Examples of causal factors would include pneumonia, falls, etc. all linked to the root cause, MS.

To summarize, one should understand the perspective of their audience before presenting devastating information like fatality causes. Additionally, approach the unknown yet inevitable from a glass half-full perspective.

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