When is it enough?

I was diagnosed with MS Relapsing in 2015. I didnt know what was going on my feet where stiff and red im a nurse so I assumed that I had overworked that week. Any way to make a long story short the doctor's I worked for told me to get an mri.

Hearing the words MS

And that's when they found it ms. I was devastated.My symptoms wouldn't calm dowm because I wasn't calm. I kept working for at  least 2more months and I just couldn't  do it anymore.

My whole world changed

My husband left, I ended up resigning from my job and to top it off I lost my house that I just had built I hadn't been in the house a year it was like 6months. I miss my house it was all one level and it was a quiet area.

Life now depends on the weather

I've been on disability for about 4yrs now. I  still have good days and bad days. I just recently had a flare because the weather was changing and I couldn't get in touch with my doctor by Wednesday it was really bad stormy weather and me and my mom had an argument. I asked her to stop but she just kept on and that what caused me to flare up bad.

Learning limitations

The doctors did everything they could to keep me out the hospital and it worked.But I picked up a box that I thought was light turned out to be heavy and messed with my back. Its getting better but I can't do that again that's the second time I've done that because my mom had knee surgery so it's not much she can do. When the weather changes esp the cold my joints ache and sore all over. When is it going to be enough im tired of fighting, but I know I cant give up.

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