How did this happen?

I was 47 years old when I was diagnosed. I had had several warnings, like numbness, cognitive issues, vision, fatigue and vertigo but it took me loosing feeling in my left leg to seek help. The doctor that I was seeing suggested I get an MRI. It took about a week but he called me to come into the office. He sat me down and told me the diagnoses. I guess I wasn't surprised and not devastated but worried about if I would end up disabled. That was over 12 years ago.

I was able to maintain a full time job but finally had to leave my job due to the increasing disability. I am now not able to walk very well if at all and have not much physical strength. I take Avonex weekly and have since my diagnosis. If you had told me even three years ago I'd be in this shape I wouldn't have believed it. I cannot get insurance, medicaid will only cover under share of cost. I always carried insurance for my husband and self but when I quit working, I couldn't afford to maintain the Cobra. I thank God for each day and for my family but wish I could be more active to enjoy it.

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