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What Happened Before My Diagnosis of PPMS!

It really started to get bad around October of 2015 after I had been in the hospital twice in a month and a half for “sepsis”.

I had been driving my pick-up truck to visit family in California. That night I checked myself into a Casino in Laughlin Nevada for the night and was going to get California. The next day but woke up with them severe pain my left side that just wouldn’t go away.

So, I packed my bag and headed down to check (still in much PAIN) so I went to get some bottled water and something to eat thinking it would go away. But, just got worse from the water paid for a club sandwich and couldn’t eat it.

Made my way to my truck and tried to drive to the hospital (had stop three times before making it there horrible pain and dry heaving) got into the Emergency room got checked out quickly. Even though they were busy. I had a kidney stone was given morphine and was released about 3 am.

Still not feeling good but they said I would pass the stone drove to get something to eat and had a hard time doing that when I was finished I thought I would just go to a Wal-Mart parking lot to sleep for awhile before I drive to California. Woke up feeling worse than I did before could barely stand up so I called 911 got an ambulance ride for only five miles but I felt that I could not drive there. When I arrived I had a fever and felt really sick with much pain.

I was in ICU for about 4 days and in the hospital for four more days. Upon release I had to stay there for another week while the antibiotics killed the blood infections.

Trying to make this post shorter. Never made it to California but got to see my sister and a close friend before I went back home after I got better to be able to drive. Kidney stones and all, got back to Arkansas. Saw my PC and got referral for Urologist. I was told I should get called by end week, but I had to call on Friday called several times and no answer. Finally talked to someone and was told that it could be about two weeks before seeing the doctor. But, I had to go back to work before two weeks.

While being an OVER THE ROAD TRUCK DRIVER I couldn’t wait any longer so on a Monday went back to work. Five days later I was back in the Hospital ICU and sepsis again. Seven days later got out and got home than surgery to remove stone that kept blocking my urethra.

I truly believe that two times sepsis caused my symptoms to progress. I had many problems with walking and fatigue, dizziness and vertigo. After many tests I received my diagnosis of PPMS in May of 2016.

IF YOU READ THIS SORRY FOR IT BEING SO LONG, but it was what happened! WOW! Couldn’t make it any shorter! 🙂

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  • Erin Rush moderator
    1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing a part of your story with the community, Cane For NOW! I have a number of family members that are OTR truckers, so I have a lot of respect for your work and I know how challenging it can be. I am sorry you had to face not one, but TWO bouts of sepsis! Yikes! And kidney stones are no laughing matter, either! I am glad you are doing better now and I hope you don’t have anymore kidney stone episodes. And I didn’t think your story was too long. Thank you for sharing! Best, Erin, Team Member.

  • Azjackie
    1 year ago

    Hello. I don’t think your article was too long. Sounds like a really rough ‘welcome to MS’. No one deserves such a shock. I hope you are stable now.

  • kymrob
    1 year ago

    Wow…great true story! So sorry that you’ve got the monster disease!! I think we should call it the box of chocolate disease…we never know what we’re gonna get! Kidney Stones are a horrible thing. I had one last summer I thought I was dying! I already had MS. It could have made symptoms worse, but I’m not sure about activating MS. Get on Ocrevus, it could stop the progression. Or at least talk o you’re Dr. about it. Good Luck

  • Azjackie
    1 year ago


    Hello. Ocrevus sounds interesting. You are about the 30th one I’ve heard taking it.

    Sorry but I have a few questions. It is a 6 month infusion? How is your health before and after the treatment? Does it affect your walking or movement? Have your lesions stabilized or improved?

    Sorry for so many questions but this site is a great research pool. Great real data. Thank you.

  • Cane For NOW author
    1 year ago

    I’m will try and answer your questions the best I can. Ocrevus is once every 6 months and the first time it is given in Two separate infusions Two weeks apart than once every 6 months witch takes about 3-5 hours each and you are given Steroids and Benadryl this help with any side effects because some people have had bad reactions to it. Me I only had some itching for about the last hour on my back other than that I tolerated it well.
    The question about health before and after… didn’t feel much difference. As for it affecting walking or movement I didn’t notice any difference. And for my lesions I have had no activity on my MRI but I still have had some progression with some of my symptoms and my neurologist said this does happen. Having ppms symptoms never go away.
    To give you my best opinion about Ocrevus I know is people with RRMS has shown more improvements percentage wise than people with PPMS but have shown that it slows progression down. Ocrevus is the only treatment approved for PPMS and it is Very Expensive but there is help out there if you need it.

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