MS a hateful disease

I am a 69 year old male who had his first diagnosis of MS years back. I was beginning my career in sales but had a major car wreck. Out of work 2 years with 2 Kids to raise on my on it was a major blow for me.

Doing my best

I worked hard with rehab during those 2 years so I could raise both my children. At this same time I had a diagnosis of MS. I felt my world was coming to a end. I knew I could not stop work until my children were out of school . During those years I suffered greatly with the MS. My system was just like what the book says. My youngest child graduated from HS in 2013.

Doing all the tests

I soon had the battery of tests to see how far I had gone with the MS. It was not good the lesions were all over my brain plus gotten on my spinal cord. My Neurologist started me on Betaseron within months my liver went haywire so he took me off it, that was October but he did not start a new treatment thus in Dec. I had a major relapse did not know anyone. I was in the hospital 3 weeks and around Christmas my memory improve greatly.

Keeping hope and goals

Since then I have taken the last 3 infusion treatments including Lemtrada. Not a lot of help but I can say my doctor says he believes I still should be able to walk. I do not have any good days it seems, plus when I retired in 2013 I wanted to travel to Europe to all the nations n pop fought in doctor to set my goals every year. That is the top on my list. Since my MS has gotten worse I may not make my goal. Good luck to all who has MS.

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