Having an advocate & supporter

I was officially diagnosed 6 years ago at the age of 15.

When I was 13 I started experiencing migraines and an MRI showed lesions on my brain and there began an uphill battle. Not long after I had my first exacerbation. Specialist after specialist said "we think it will turn into MS but we don't want to treat you for it".

I was lucky to have a wonderful advocate, my mom. I have no idea what I would've done without her. Sometimes its so hard to talk to a doctor about symptoms and problems even though you know they can help. She took charge and asked all of the questions I couldn't think of. She researched the medications and helped to decide what would be best and the least intrusive into my lifestyle.

I now have a wonderful husband who has stepped into that role. I'm one of those people who could write a list of things to discuss with my doctor and still forget what to say when we are there. I never have to worry about that since when I cant put it into words what needs to be said or asked he is there to pick up where I left off. I still haven't figured out how he deals with my memory lapses and mood swings but he always takes it in stride. He seems to handle it better than I do and I've been dealing with this longer than he has.

I can't stress enough how important a strong supporter can be. Don't try to deal with MS alone. I tried to keep the symptoms concealed from friends and even my husband when I first met him.

Try to embrace it and look at it as a challenge. I know some days it seems like too much of one but build a good support system and you will be fine.

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