It's in Her Head

I hadn't been 39 for 60 days when it started to become hard to walk. I had a job and was afraid people would think I had been drinking, so after work, I would practice walking. It didn't dawn on me I had been walking for years - if you have to practice something is wrong.

It's all in your head

I went to the emergency room, the doctor put his hands out, and told me to pull with all my strength. When I did I remember him saying, "Oh that's in your head." I went again and was dismissed and told, my job, maybe I needed to change it.

So I left and put in for another job. I was called for an interview and hired. I called my aunt to drive me there. When I walked outside to her car, I couldn't walk in a straight line. She told me you're not going to a job, you're going to the E.R.

Over thirty spots found on my brain

I went back to the emergency room was given an MRI. After the doctor came in put her hands on each of my arms. She said, "They say it's in your head. But it is literally in your head." Over thirty spots were found on my brain.

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