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Just a Headache?!

I’m 44. I have not been diagnosed with MS but, my symptoms as of late have me wondering and confused. I was diagnosed with costochondritis in May 2018. Painful and scary condition. Further, on July 30 2018, I woke up, stood up and felt a discomfort in the back of my neck. That week I developed continuous headaches that still continue. Over seven months of headaches everyday at various intensities. From the beginning of the headaches I have felt pins and needles just below my testicles. It comes in waves various times a day. The headaches feel like continuous tension. The headaches also have had migraine symptoms. I have visual disturbances that create confusion, gait unsteadiness, difficulty concentrating. My face at times has felt stiff. I have lately felt cold and shivering for no apparent reason. What could this be???

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  • Donna Steigleder moderator
    11 months ago

    Reading over your list of symptoms, I can understand why you are wondering if what you have could be MS. That’s the problem so often with making a diagnosis based on symptoms alone–so many conditions have the same symptoms. Therefore, for your safety, we make it a practice not to attempt to make a diagnosis or give medical advice because we don’t have your full medical history. But here’s some information you may find helpful. The following article provides a list of conditions other than MS that have similar symptoms to MS to consider:

    and here are the diagnostic methods used to determine if you might have MS:

    It’s impossible for us to tell on symptoms alone. While what you describe could be MS, it could also be a number of other neurological conditions. Have you had an MRI or lumbar puncture? Have you seen a neurologist?
    Donna Steigleder

  • Confused2018 author
    10 months ago

    Thank you for your responses. I have recently been in touch with my original neurologist. I am waiting for a call from this office to set up an MRI exam. We also discussed the possibility of a lumbar puncture. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you.

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