How and When I was Diagnosed with MS

Labor Day in 2006 was a day I will never forget!! I was on my way back home from a family member's house. On the way the guy that was driving the vehicle fell asleep at the wheel. The two guys that were upfront had seat belts, however, my husband (boyfriend at that time) and I didn’t have seat belts on as they were under the seat.

Hit in the head

The guy driving was coming down off of a three day high on meth. He would not have been driving if any of us had known that. He took a 90 degree corner at 65 miles an hour. We ended up in a bad accident where the cops were looking for bodies. I got hit in the head with a starter that was on the floor by my feet.

MS and headaches

After that day I was experiencing migraine headaches every day they would stop for maybe two hours and come back with a vengeance. My dr tried everything to help alleviate the pain. He did CT’s. It wasn’t till December 2006 I had an appointment with my awesome neurologist that I was told I had MS. Now all my drs keep an eye on my headaches as they have found that is when my MS is going to go and act up.

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