Caution: Reality Ahead!

Like others, I have seen and/or heard various platitudes linked to the diagnosing of multiple sclerosis (MS). Platitudes such as, "You have MS, it does not have you." Rather than capitulate to MS, I opted for a tactic that avoids trite sayings and positions obstacles against MS progression. This tactic improves overall health, along with benefits to neurologic, immune, and digestive systems.

Healthy diet and an educated dietitian

Tactic includes a healthy diet and an educated dietitian. Diet includes a substitution of unhealthy food with vegetables and healthy bread and meat. Dietician preparers appetizing vegetable meals and understands supplement needs (such as vitamin D). This dietician provides langappt by understanding the limitations caused by MS, such as extreme and sudden fatigue.

MRIs have indicated no disease progression

Does tactic work? Anecdotally an answer is for me, yes. Proof? Literature has indicated the benefits of a healthy diet for overall health and specifically MS. Although MS exhibits individual variability, my last four recent MRIs have indicated no disease progression. Is this tactic a cure? No, however, it may warrant further scientific investigation. A reality is that MS remains incurable, but it may be vulnerable.

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