Has anybody ever lost your hearing in both ears, and your voice changed, and your vision got bad overnight? I had this happen to me a year and a half ago and I’ve been to a family doctor, neurologist, and ENT and they all say I don’t know, so they’ve just stopped trying to help me!!

I’ve had my ears cleaned, tested, CT, spinal tap, different meds, and nothing. They said they don’t know if hearing aids would help cause they don’t know what’s wrong! I’ve had MS since 1996 with a drop foot, then in 2005 both legs went numb so I’ve been in a wheelchair since.

I get monthly infusions of Tysabri and have had no other problems till that happened!! The internal medical Drs won’t see me cause I’m on opioids! I don’t know where to turn or what this is so anyone have this happen to them? And is it MS-related?

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