I am Lisa and was diagnosed Dec 2003, a year after being involved in an auto accident, and my neurosurgeon, who I love lolol knew there was more wrong, sure having cervical fusion surgery was enough for me, but thank goodnes after having MRI's and before that CT's he did the mylogram and low and behold it all panned out, my teenage years and my young adult life I thought I was crazy, and even had close family to tell me I was "just crazy".

So after many tears and much pain I was diagnosed. And after having IV Steroids being outpatient and at home and even Botox injections(16) in my head and forehead my nuerologist all at once which is on staff at the Hospital where I was employed and had insurance through them decided I was a terrible patient, yes and dropped me, and I have a great PC who has helped me so much along my road.

So people don't think insurance companies and employers and even physicians don't work against patients,THEY do, and with that I am living ONE DAY AT A TIME, TRYING TO MAKE MY LIFE AS SIMPLE AS I CAN.

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