Hello from Iowa

Hi, I am Peg, from Iowa, live on a farm, with my husband, my 2 dogs, horses (yes I still ride), and cats, cattle.

My MS began in 1982, and I basically ignored it, and kept working,,then I started to progress, so I went on medicine, tried acupuncture, (which kept at bay for 8 years), then it leveled off to secondary progressive. I tried stem cell down in Miami Stem Genex, it worked for 3 months tops, and then my relapses, got closer together, I use a rollator, to move around,

My husband is my unsung hero, he has been there with me thru all my bad relapses, and my 2 sons, which, now they act like mother/hens, HA!

Yes I still ride, I will continue to. My horse (Gomer) is trained to take care of me, I used to run barrels/team pen, but I take what I can get anymore.

That's it thanks for reading.

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