Help me. Doctors keep treating symptoms not the cause.

I have written down some of the things I have noticed over the last 12 months that worry me. Some days, my good days all I have is a slight pain in my shoulder and some mild pain in my abdomen but generally, OK. However, most days I feel tired, dizzy, and my balance makes me lean to my left. My legs get very weak and I need to walk with a walking stick. I also get general pain that could be anywhere on my body but mainly around my left shoulder and left side lower back. Sometimes I can get tingling (pins and needles) in my hands particularly in the insides of my hands and the right side of my face and head. I've had eye twitching and my sometimes my right eye shakes. I also have seen black dots floating around my vision. I've also had a moment of uncontrollable movement of my arms followed by tingling and burning sensation in my lower arms and hands. Sometimes my hands or feet flinch involuntarily. I find it difficult to pass wind and takes my about 45 minutes to poo. Bladder has stopped working resulting in a 24/7 catheter.


I have noticed that I've started making little errors in my everyday tasks like checking my phone then forgetting. I've just done it and checked again to switching the kettle on and forgetting I put it on before. I sometimes forget what gear I have selected in the car. On a couple of occasions I've gone places that I'm sure is the right place then realize its not the right place. The most recent case of this was I took the time to place my canoe on top of the car, drove a short distance to the river, as I crossed the bridge and could see the place I needed to be and the drove past it and continued up the road for 2 km before realizing I made an error and turned around. I have also had issues at work where I have been doing the same task for a while, suddenly forgetting how to do the job and for a moment forgetting the faces of people around me.

Foggy most days, find it hard to learn very basic tasks. In conversation with people I now stutter and confuse words, I think I say the write word but a different one comes out, also my spelling has become very bad.


During the week I would be lucky to sleep for around four hours without waking. It takes a while to go back to sleep, this has got worse since January.


Restless legs with burning sensation in feet at night time. Back to hospital with swallowing problems felt like a hand was around my throat (swallow would pause or delayed) after a one hour coughing fit, eight hours in A&E told I have a cold. NO COLD. Sometimes I choke on my saliva (once or twice a day). Balance effected by visual movement around me. Watching TV, walking, or a bird flying by the window can trigger extreme dizziness. Walking unaided sometimes when its bad my right arm does not swing as much as the left.

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