Support System

I'm a human being that doesn’t like to ask for help, I like to work myself to get what I want. I graduated from high school and when I didn't get the chance to go to college, I started working to fulfill my needs. My family never made me feel in need of anything, but I wanted to feel financially independent. Then I learned to drive and bought my first car on my own.

Forced to ask for help

Providing your needs without asking for help is indescribable, but my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis forced me to ask for help even if I didn't want it. Yes, I don't like to ask for help but the choice is no longer mine.

Anger trantrum

Sometimes I feel angry at myself for not being able to do things like driving or going to buy something from the mall, and sometimes I forget and when I reach the mall’s parking area I remember and go back home. After I calm myself down from my anger tantrum I come to the understanding that this test is not just for me, but when God gifts you hardship he gifts you a support system with it whether you like it or not. Yes, God chooses you to embody the hardship, but your support system goes through it too, because God tests their faith in him, can they afford to see you like this or not? Are they sure he Almighty change things with the blink of an eye?

Blessed with the best support system

So I realized that whenever I am strong psychologically and mentally they were stronger and vice versa, so I decided to "chill back" and see things from a different angle, so thank you God for blessing me with the best support system that take me wherever I want to 😁 buy me what I desired even before I ask 🤗

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