Living with MS and HIV

Hi, I am Tess, I have been living with HIV since I was in my early 20's. Got it from my first boyfriend who was a hemophiliac, however, I have been diagnosed with MS this summer.

Attributed everything to HIV and weight

I started having problems in 2017. When I saw the first neurologist he told me it was all in my head. That there was nothing wrong with me. He attributed everything that I was going through to my HIV and weight. I then started having more and more issues and refused to see another neurologist because I assumed they would just say the same thing.

New neurologist confirmed MS

However, my daughter was seeing a neurologist for headaches and said I could trust her neurologist. So I gave it a try, and low and behold she didn't just have an office visit like the first neurologist. She actually did some tests and then about a week later she said had the first neurologist done any tests he would have seen the 5 spots in my MRI to confirm my MS. She also did other tests during that week a light test, a lumbar puncture, and several others.

I am just wondering if there is anyone else who is living with the same problem because sometimes I feel like I am very alone in this.

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