Homeless with a Heart

Hi, My name is Marilyn, I am 53 years old and I grew up in Brooklyn, NY during much simpler times. Both my parents were WWII vets, they worked hard all their lives to make sure there was always a roof over our head and food on the table. It took me a long time to understand some of the things that they went through while growing up during the depression. I worked hard, saved my money and kept a roof over my head.

I was diagnosed with MS two years ago, although I had symptoms in my late 20's through my 40's. Finally, the headaches got so bad, then I couldn't remember my multiplication tables and the rest is MS. As of June 1, 2013 I will no longer have a home. I made the biggest mistake of my life when I got remarried to a man that physically and verbally abused me. My plan to divorce him was put on hold when he was arrested and convicted of murdering his first wife (he is in prison and will remain there for the rest of his life). My divorce has been final for over 4 years and I was granted alimony in my divorce. My ex-husband's former employer has refused to comply with the income deduction order.

I have tried every avenue to get some legal help, however I have failed. While my ex-husband sits in prison (thank goodness), with a roof over his head, 3 meals a day and free medical care, I will be left to live in poverty. I do receive SSD but that is not anywhere near the amount I need to keep a roof over my head. Actually according to the income level for a single person I am below poverty level. Thank god for food assistance.

Along with the MS, I am blind in one eye and have problems with the vision in the other eye. I can no longer hold down a job, but I am strong and take care of myself. I do not feel sorry for myself, I simply want what I am legally entitled to, which the NYC Police Pension Fund refuses to send me.

I intend to live a full and happy life and will continue to fight for what is legally mine. If there is anyone out there who could help me, please, please contact me.

Thank you for reading my story. Thank you for giving me a place to tell my story. Remember take a deep breath and Move, Just Move.

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