Horrible disease but don't stop fighting!

Hi everyone!

So I have a long story which I try to compress to make it not so long to read.

I am 36 years old guy and everything was running perfectly until my diagnosis in 2010. Had a career and lots of plans for the future, what could go wrong? Well I guess its some kind of family burden as my mother had MS as well so yes I got it too. My father died as I still was in Finland and shortly after that I moved to Germany after work. The pressure was immense with new homeland, work, language and family issues...and I guess it was too much for one who had genetic tendency for this disease. I sure hope that I would have been more careful and to not put myself in such hard situation but its always easy to see these things afterwards, don't you think.

So I got my diagnosis but still tried to work hard which wasn't really so good idea. In two years I was in electric wheelchair and couldn't do any work anymore, ouch! I changed my diet after this happened from unhealthy meat based food to vegetarian diet and did much of exercising to be able to walk again but no avail. At least through medication and my efforts to keep fit the rapid progression stopped and has stayed this way the last 2 years. Lesson learned: stress is your enemy and food is thy medicine. From my mother I know that giving up takes you in grave quicker than you can blink! So please keep moving if you have this awful disease.

Wish you nice christmas holidays and happy new year,

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