Hot Summer Day

I was diagnosed ten years ago... things have gotten foggy since then but today it's not quite as cloudy. I remember cutting the grass and getting real overheated. My right side went numb and, thinking I had a stroke, I went to the ER. Come to find out, several tests later, I had MS. Didn't believe it at first - thought I had been misdiagnosed or something - but it proved itself to be true. I started on Avonex and giving myself injections. It was good the first couple years and then I started flaring up and needing steroids every 3-4 months. I would have a new symptom periodically but the same ones were usually what flared up. When I started on gylenia most of my symptoms went away. I still have minor issues but it kind of fades in and out – speech when I am tired, my lower right leg, numbness, my right hand numb and tingly, foggy at times using the wrong words... but this is all better now and only happens when really tired or stressed.

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