How I live with MS

I was diagnosed in 2004 at age 56. I was showing signs of having a stroke, but it was not the cause of my problems. My primary care doctor is the one that sent me for an MRI, and made the diagnoses. It greatly affected my life at the time. i had to sell my trucking company to get away from the stress after 3 years of fighting the stress, and fatigue.

It took me three neurologists to find one who was aggressive in my treatment. Since then I have became a vounteer for he NMSS,and a very busy one. I am an advocate for the NMSS as well as involved with our local walk, and support group. I have done 2 studies from the University of Illinois on MS and exercise, and they have both been very helpful, as I no longer use a cane.  I have never been one to quit, and encourage others to be proactive in their treatment, and battle with MS.

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