I was diagnosed

When I was told I have MS I hadn't heard much about it! I knew Annette Funicello, and Richard Pryor had it I thought no problem!! I will get better and be ok, well my balance came back I thought that's not so bad.

I was fine or I thought I was. Was always tired and my left hand shook more again no big deal!!

I was doing ok til 3 years ago I have a friend that stays with me (Thank GOD) I went to bed fine! Well guess i was up in the middle of the night and was doing some really strange things, he said i was pushing on the wall in the hallway trying to move it? I was answering an ash tray (thought was my phone) Tried to knock my tv off the stand i wanted a sandwich he made me (ham and cheese) sat down was using it as a napkin not eating it I didnt know my own dogs!!! I went to the hospital didnt know who i was they immediately said stroke!

They don't know much about MS so... after the MRI they figured it out 3 days later. That was the first really bad exacerbation i have had since being told in 89! I dont want to wake up like that again EVER!

But with this disease none of us know how we will wake up! I walk like I'm drunk and the bottom of my feet burn every night but at least i know i am not alone!!

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