Holding his hand my life was over. I had left work early at a dental office to hear the confirmation in September, 2004, I in fact did have MS. My husband sat there next to me, rather unfazed. He knew what the disease was, but he also knew he wasn't going anywhere. So for him this was just another road to travel.

The next year I struggled with fatigue and other issues before coming to the conclusion, I had to leave my career. I did find another job in 2006, but quickly realized the bottom was where I started and without more education the bottom is where I would stay. At first I would remind myself- I have MS, I can't go back to school, but then I remembered the hand that squeezed mine and told me, "I'm right here, we'll do this together".

In 2007, my husband and I went back to school, first completing our Bachelors in 2012, then in 2013 we completed our Masters. Sitting next to him at both graduations, holding his hand before we walked across the stage let me know, he is right there, helping me, and prepared to do everything together. So while I might be the one who has MS our road is one we both look forward to traveling, together.

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