Challenge of Staying Hydrated With an Overactive Bladder

Avoiding the risk of embarrassing myself is among many of the challenges associated with living with the MonSter. I have encountered another of them. Whether I am at the infusion center receiving treatment to stop the progression of the disease or riding in the car to my escape home, I am met with the challenge of staying properly hydrated while maintaining my comfort and cleanliness.

My bladder problems

I know there are prescription drugs to help me with my bladder problems, but I choose to forgo taking any more drugs because of the possible side effects and I’m sure that my liver is already significantly taxed by all of the drugs I’m on. Moreover, those drugs tend to make me feel dried out and/or constipated. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Viscious cycle

I have enrolled myself in a day program to occupy my time and stay out of trouble. A few days ago I was meeting with a graduate student to discuss the ups and downs of living with this MonSter, only having to excuse myself to go to the men’s room a couple of times to relieve myself. This tends to happen in every social situation I find myself. Just have to drink more water. So the cycle perpetuates itself.

Lately, I have also been battling a sinus infection. My PCP has prescribed me several drugs to dry them out. I simply cannot win, thanks for playing. I ate an orange after lunch for the Vitamin C and the juice it contains. Now I'm going to try to take a nap.

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