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I get it

I get it.

It has me taken approximately 25 years for me to get it. What is it? It is the fact that I have multiple sclerosis. It has changed my life. MS taught megrateful for, given me the incentive to stay healthy, given me insight needed to avoid “snake oil remedies”, desire to help others with multiple sclerosis, guidance on how to adjust my life to confront the limitations presented by MS, and a hopefulness that a cure will be revealed one day.

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What is the purpose of this document? The title is nothing tangible, nothing substantial, just the realization that MS is permanent and an individual burden for those with MS and their caregivers. What do you mean by “I get it”? This was a saying to someone who learned that they had MS. It was presented to that person while the MS support group was being inundated with facts and remedies regarding MS.

A more specific purpose of this short document is to let others know that MS may be permanent, but there are ways to respond to MS that are beneficial, for example, engineering modifications, “snake oil avoidance”, symptom medications, equipment, and procedural changes. Responses to MS give persons the ability to overcome or mitigate limitations from MS. A preferred source of information may be groups that are dedicated to solving MS, for instance the information.

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