I'm new to this. Thank you all for your articles, they mean so much.

Thank God I am blessed to have an amazing husband. But I have one child, a daughter, left at home. I think it's the hardest on her. She tells me stuff about school then 20 minutes later I will ask her how her test in Math went. She will just look at me and it breaks my heart, I know the look, it says mom I've told you all about it. It breaks my heart. My husband said he would get frustrated when I would literally ask him approximately 15 times where we are going on Saturday night. But, now he says he gets it, it's not in my control and that he just keeps telling me. But my daughter isn't so accepting or patient sometimes. God love her she tries, but tells me it's distracting and frustrating and her friends don't understand. They would get cancer but tons of people have no clue what MS is. My boss once I was diagnosed actually told me in a meeting, awesome, use the pity to sell more❣❣❣ I could not even say a word I was in shock!!!

I really enjoy reading all these notes. I read it when I'm up in the middle of the night because of all the pain. So K read this. Thank you all.

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