I'm not a drug addict

The general public seems to think if you have MS and are on medication, then you are a drug addict.

I take five (5) MILLIGRAMS of Hydrocodone 2-3 times a MONTH, sometimes not that often. I am on mediation for mental problems which doctors began to treat years ago instead of MS (as much was not known then). I still do have to take 3/4 of a Xanax, 40 Milligrams of Prozac, now, after years of struggling, 5-10 MILLIGRAMS Ambien, each night. Doctors have continuously told me that what I take is almost nothing compared to what others take. I have to take these medications but only as needed.

I am now learning the process of meditation and other things to live with this including diet.

I hope things are going to look up soon for me and everyone with this disease since more things are becoming available to help.

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