My Body is Out of My Control

The experience of multiple sclerosis so far is a very strange experience that has taught me that the human body works in a different and strange way and the more you think you are close to understanding it you discover that you are far away.

Imbalance and difficulty walking

For example, my symptoms are imbalance (most of the time it looks like I'm dancing debka🕺), and difficulty walking which means after walking for a minute or less I feel like I am walking underwater or like I've strapped a bag of flour on every leg.

Out of control

But what I noticed is that it is not movement that only slows down my speed but heat, cold weather, anger, joy, anxiety, laughter, darkness, any temperature or feeling above normal affects me, so this thing made me control my actions a lot more, making me aware of my feelings especially the negative ones because every time I get mad my body hits its breaks as if it's saying to me, "RAHMA I won't move until you control what you feel," because I can't get angry easily because temporarily the control panel of my body is out of my control🤖

Treating my body right

This taught me that MS came to help me better control my feelings, therefore, my body, treat my body good whether by eating right or otherwise and to try being a better person than before❤️🌿💚

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