I Am The Herd

Lately the term thinning the herd has been used more times than I would like to hear. With the coronavirus spreading all over the world it seems that there are people that think only the strong and healthy will survive and the rest will be just thinning the herd.

My body is severely immunocompromised

I am not one to voice my opinion on public forums but I have to say this time I can't be quiet. You see, I am the herd. Yes, it is true. I suffer from multiple autoimmune diseases, MS being one of them. Right before this quarantine started I had just finished six rounds of iv chemotherapy and just recently I have started weekly chemotherapy injections. My body is severely immunocompromised but that doesn't make me any less important.

I live my life in a constant quarantine

There are so many people out in the world just like me. Babies, children, moms, dads, and grandparents who are just doing what they can to stay safe, continue with their medications and just live. To be referred to as cattle that are disposable literally infuriates me. I live my life constantly like I'm quarantined, so all of this being safe, wearing masks, and not being in large crowds isn't new to me. Like everyone else who is immunocompromised, I am just trying to get better, go in remission and mainly trying my best to live life for my family and myself. I'm sure if it were your wife, husband, parent or child you wouldn't be so quick to thin the herd.

Everyone is fighting their own battle

My health is very private and personal to me, but I am so insulted by the words of some. So, here I am, part of the herd, fighting with all I have. Let's be kinder to one another. Like I've read before, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

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