In Limbo

Hey everybody. I have not been diagnosed with MS yet. I have been diagnosed with so many other things though. Last week I went to my neurologist again at the request of my primary doc because she wanted me to have a lumber puncture to look for MS. My neuro showed me my numerous MRI scans on my brain which showed daro spots all over my brain- 20+. He said it was iron deposits from bleeding in my brain which could be caused by seizures. When I got home I looked up iron deposits on the brain and everything I read pointed to MS. For 15 or so years I have gone to neurologist because of too many symptoms to list and I've even mentioned ms but none of them would go that route. I am now trying to get a second opinion about what this neuro said because he wanted me to stop taking some medicine I take for heart. Anybody in Jacksonville, Florida know some good ones? Sorry it's long.

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