Insomnia: My Initiation to MS

I am a insomniac and have been for 25 years. 1990, complete mental collapse resulting in hospital treatment and referred to psychiatrist. After relating my life history I was diagnosed with chronic depression. Medication was a difficult procedure, with many different "cocktails" of drugs (I had a excellent shrink) and finally landed on a combo that I can not remember at this moment. All I know is alprazolam is my not so secret answer to chronic insomnia. Many people decry the use of this drug but for me it worked and still does.

At the time of my "breakdown" it was not known that I had ms nor was there any thought of MS. In 2009 I had the all time faux stroke. Didn't take long for my diagnosis. MS!!! Ahah said I, so this was what had been plaguing me for all these years! Now only insomnia but dizziness, balance problems, involuntary arm movements, muscle spasms, lethargy, downright fatigue.

In my opinion, I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a friend who has primary progressive. He is 37 while I am 73. I use a cane while he must use a walker. His speech is difficult to understand. He is a college graduate in computer something or other and of course can not work. It's humbling to realize the division in our circumstances as I drive him to get infusions.

I could ramble on but perhaps another time with different thoughts. Until then, hang on to the craziness of our lives and don't be afraid to stand up and say "I live with a miserable house mate and I'm stronger than you!"

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