Insurance Company Woes

I am 82 yrs. old and wasn’t diagnosed with MS until I was 60 yrs old. Even my PCP did not believe it was MS until I had 2 MRI’s and a neurologist diagnosed me.

She thought I had had a couple of mini-strokes and my arthritis was my problem with balance and walking. The neurologist said I had probably begun in my mid 40’s.

Insurance company woes

What I am upset about now is the fact my insurance co. knows I have MS, but will not approve a procedure to help with a severe incontinence problem I have due to the fact the MS has damaged the nerve going along the spinal column going to the muscle of the bladder and bowel.

My specialist has done 500 of these procedures himself that have been successful, and some patients had MS. It does not cure the problem but makes it more controllable.

Necessary medical records

They want the Dr. & I to present records proving it is necessary. Problem being I moved here only 2 yrs. ago, and although most of my records are in Indy, I can’t locate all of them. Some have moved, and some have dropped out of practice, and I went to several different Drs. over the years. I can’t remember their names, and no longer have those papers due to moving and papers got thrown out.

Over the years, the Drs. have tried about everything to help & nothing did. Finally, between the urologists and my neurologist, they decided that it was the nerve along the spinal cord that was likely the cause of my severe problem, as nothing else had helped, and this is a common problem with MS patients. As we say, not everyone is affected the same.

Frustrated and worried

This is just so frustrating! I am worried that when I get much older and maybe end up in a nursing home that I will end up laying there unable to take care of myself, and the attendants won’t. Had anyone else had this problem?

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