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Is this MS? (Or what)

A few days ago, I was sitting with my legs curled up under me. When I tried to stand up, my foot was not flat on the floor. It was still curled like it had been when I was sitting. I lost my balance and hobbled on it 3 times before I grabbed onto something and stood on the other foot. after a minute, I could straighten it out. Now, I am nursing a sore ankle and limping.

Why am I writing about this? Because I don’t know if that was from MS or did my foot just “fall asleep”? That is what is so strange about this disease. Sometimes, the invisible symptoms are so fleeting, that I doubt myself.

This morning, I awoke with double vision for a few seconds. Here we go again. Do I need to do something about it?

As I write this, I remember… Try not to stress about it. Wait a few days and see if it comes back. The definition of a relapse is something that lasts at least 24 hours.

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    3 years ago

    Nancy, it might be MS as I experience this type of spasticity in both my feet and my fingers sometimes. My fingers and feet get what I call “frozen” in place, and won’t move until I flex the muscles involved several times. A muscle relaxer medication like Baclofen may help you if it continues to be a big issue. That what I take sometimes. The double vision could also be from MS, and is a known common symptom of MS. I have permanent double vision from MS that weakened my eye muscles and caused cranial nerve palsy, and have to have “prisms” made into my glasses that correct my vision. If it continues, see your Doctor.

  • Nancy W author
    3 years ago

    Thanks for your reply. Fortunately, these symptoms did not come back. I am in the clear for now.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Nancy, it sounds like you have a handle on measuring where you are, and not letting yourself get stressed.

    I thought you might be interested in Why is it not a relapse every time I feel worse? It contains a checklist to go over with your doctor, hopefully, you’ll find it helpful.

    Please remember you’re not alone. We’re always here and on our Facebook Page to share information and support. -All Best, Donna ( team)

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