It is a mystery.....

I feel I sort of have a not to exciting story.... but that is okay. 16 years ago I was having almost daily headaches but just poo-pooed it off. Then one day I woke up and the right side of my face was numb, I had lost my sense of taste , I drooled sometimes ... I thought oh sh!t 'stroke'. Off to the only local neurologist.... get and MRI and when I go back to see him he says well no stroke... the MRI could look like MS but I don't think so. In the meantime the original symptoms are lessening some but I am exhausted so I can not get thru a day at work and I am having weird balance/vertigo issue, i.e., like when I am driving and stop at a light it stills feels to me like I am moving and if I walk in a place like the mall I have to stay close to a wall or I have no balance. So I go to my PCP and he hooks me up ASAP with a medical center that has a MS Clinic. I go see a wonderful neurologist there .... then many tests later and another MRI.... "I am sorry you have MS" who remembers those words?! See not too exciting. An average individual, just trying to muddle through. So since then my partner of 7 years left me 3 yrs after diagnoses (she said I changed .... but I believe the relationship was not built on truth to begin with) sorry I digress here. Met a new wonderful partner moved across the country.... Went off the MS med I was on after 5 yrs because after 3 yrs nothing new was going on so I said to myself they screwed up.... wrong diagnoses.... because i am so smart. New job ,new life new plans. THEN '2012 MS said " hey smart ass, remember me... you will pay attention now " .... Knock you down, put you in bed, not able to move without puking.... a couple of bouts with that and then steady balance decline where I can not be out with out a walker. I am currently just baffled about my balance issues, they are real but I do not affects most aspects of my life. And all the other MS crap that creeps in bladder/bowel issue are the pits. Fatigue has cut my day by a few hours.

I try to stay creative but I seem to have so little focus...

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