"Is it that Jerry Lewis Disease?"

Well my name is Lacey. It was almost 18 years ago my son was 6 weeks old. Such a wonderful time in my life. I had just had this beautiful baby boy who is now sitting at home with his dad. This little boy has no idea what a curve ball is being thrown at him now!

I had just drove down to Tucson to watch him graduate from college. It was supposed to be a wonderful day. Well it was in the sense I was so proud of his dad. I was very excited for the next stage in his life, raising a beautiful baby boy and the new opportunities in store for him and what the future would be. However, little did I know in about 7 days I would be diagnosed definitively with M.S. See when I was driving to Tucson I had lost the vision in bottom 1/2 of right eye. Well I had just gotten new glasses so I thought something was wrong with prescription or something. Little did I know it was Optic Neuritis. What is this I say. Ok now I'm getting worried still not sure what's wrong. I have to go see PCP he says "not sure what this is but I'm going to have a MRI run. He speculated optic nerve pressing on pituitary gland. Well this was give my mom reassurance that things would be ok or maybe calm us down. Little did I know he speculated M.S.

Now I'm at ER getting MRI done. Well when I was diagnosed it happened to be Labor Day weekend and my doc was adamant I get my test run. I get there have MRI done. Doctor comes on says I have good and bad news. "Good news is it's not Cancer, bad news is it's multiple sclerosis or M.S. As it is more commonly known. I said thank god and WHAT IS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS? Is it that Jerry Lewis disease?" He tells me no and then I am now more unsure than ever. WHAT IS THIS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS?

I soon realize it continues to be a lot of unanswered questions. A lot of unknowns. Sometimes I feel like a burden to my loved ones as well as friends. I'm very independent person never liked to rely on other people. Sometimes I feel like it's a sentence and a curse. But, many time I feel like it is a blessing because it makes you stronger too. Like I said in beginning my son was 6 weeks old. He has been the one who kept me going knowing I was raising this little boy and knowing I had to do everything I could to be best mom for him. Yes I had all common symptoms i.e. Fatigue, difficulties moving from time to time. And many other issues too.

Now he is not an infant or little boy. He is now a wonderful 18 year old young man who has taught me not what I can't do but showing me I can do anything I want and this disease is not a curse but a blessing. See my anniversary for my diagnosis is 2 days before my birthday. So I am approaching my 18th year anniversary and I realize I can still do anything. I maybe a little weaker or slower and I may need to ask for help but, I can still do anything I put my mind to.

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