Living with MS

I first came down with MS in 1981, didn't know what it was. I went numb in the legs and torso. It was hard to walk.

There were no know tests back then that gave a definite Diagnosis. I had a Horrible test called a Milo-Gram. It was more painful than giving Birth! It was inconclusive. I was treated locally, put on all kinds of Meds. It was very scary.

I had 2 young children and sometimes didn't remember doing things. I finally after 2 yrs of this craziness went to the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Ma. MS story I had several other tests (nothing like the Milo-Gram). It was in 1986 I got one of the first MRI's and there it was...MS. I wasn't sure how to react but I guess you could say I was Glad to know what it was.

My Dr. was my Rock, she was the most caring and most of all she listened! I felt lost when she retired. I have a good Dr. now and have been on Avonex for almost 12yrs. I have been very fortunate, it has kept me stable. Thank God.

Recently I have had Bladder problems. I have had the Inter-Stem implanted... it worked!!

I think it is so important to have a positive Attitude and a good support system. I have been Blessed that I have Both. I am a private person but after all these years I just wanted to share!!

Keep Smiling


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