Just diagnosed with MS 3 days ago!

Hi All,

I am a British citizen living in Singapore (36yrs old) and was diagnosed with MS 2 days ago. Singapore healthcare has been pretty rubbish considering how much it has cost me to find out nothing bar what was wrong with my bladder - Detrusor sphincter dyssynergia.

After having MRI's & CT scans in Singapore and getting fobbed off I flew to Prague where they said they could do a Lumbar Puncture for me and 3 weeks later I got my results which kind of confirmed what we already had suspected.

Since 2011 I haven't felt right and no-one found anything until 2 days ago. From 2011 it used to go and come back every 3-6 months but since January this year it has stuck with me. I have pins and needles in my arms and legs (in particular left side), achey and painful legs and back, my bladder is of course not functioning properly (my Urologist prescribed Alpha blockers to help with that), blurred vision sometimes and generally feeling run down.

It is so frustrating as we live in a fantastic place but I just can't enjoy it like I used to. I am knackered and in pain after doing too much. Even my achilles tendon feels very tender to touch sometimes.

I am booked now to see a specialist neurologist next Wednesday and supposedly he specialises in MS. The fact that it hasn't left me now for nearly 7 months is quite alarming.

Being toying with the idea of flying back to the UK and seeing a specialist but I read that because I have been out of the UK since last August it is doubtful I can do this on NHS. Which in my opinion is ridiculous considering how much tax & NI I have paid over the years. My stress levels are up because healthcare here is ridiculously expensive. My son's standard jabs as a baby cost over 300 quid! But I guess it is my problem as I have live here, just all the tests so far this year have just been draining emotionally and financially.

Anyway, I believe there isn't too much in the way of choice out here in Singers for medication in comparison to other parts of the world. So I hope I can post on here for advice after my appointment.

Anyway, sorry for the long winded message, had to vent and share.


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