MS or Just Getting Old?

After several years of migraines, fatigue, vertigo, pain in hands, tightness in my chest, depression and anxiety, I woke up one morning and couldn't use my hands. They were completely palsied. I thought I had a pinched nerve in my back. Made a chiropractic appointment. She was very concerned because I had trouble with both hands, not just one. After MRIs, several more doctor appointments, 3 months later I was diagnosed: MS, not aged-related. That was 15+ years ago. You can add drop foot, sexual dysfunction, swallowing issues, sleeping problems, bladder and bowel , etc., etc., etc. Life is good. I am blessed with a loving, caring husband, daughter, step children and grandchildren, great friends, and siblings. I am on my 5th medication. And am for the most part, living a good life. I never once felt sorry for myself. I do yoga, have 2 little dogs and have simplified my life. God blessed me and I hope you, too.

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