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I was involved in a car wreck in 2006 which cause me problems with my rotator cuff. A month after the accident I started having bad headaches. Even though I knew I didn’t hit my head they wanted to do a MRI just in case I did and did not remember. That when two small masses were found on my brain. They told me it could be age or due from headaches, slight chance it was MS. The doctor told me he very highly doubt it was MS. That was the first time I heard of MS.

The sharp stabbing pain which felt like someone was taking a long narrow knife slowly through my brain continued and gotten worst. In 2009 a different doctor decided to do another MRI. He told me there was no change. In mid-2010 my world seemed to have turned upside down in every way shape and form. My oldest son was in a car wreck (which showed 2 masses on my son’s brain), I was going through a divorce and fighting to save my home that I bought on land contract because the owner wanted the property back, and not including my first ex-husband started causing me problems. My arms and legs were going numb and I would lose ability to move them. I chalked it up to stress. The headaches were so bad that I didn’t want to move. I have the side of my face go completely numb. My whole body hurt like I was exercising 24/7. I finally went back to the doctor and she ordered an MRI of my neck and brain. It showed I had 12 lesions on the brain; this was March 2011.

At this point my second husband and I started trying to work things out even though we have gotten a divorce. My son refused to see a neurologist for his two masses which they felt was possibly MS. At this time they only suspected I had MS, so two of us with masses on our brains. I wondered if it was something else. So much was going through my head and I research anything and everything including brain cancer. They did a Lumbar Puncture which came back normal.

On November 7, 2011 I was diagnosed with MS just 4 days before I remarried my husband. I continue to have more and more problems. I had pain, tired beyond reason, sensitive to anything touching my skin, muscle spasm all over, headaches and problems walking. I thought they were wrong, I was sure they were wrong. I went ahead and started Copaxone the beginning of 2012, I kept getting worst.

In July 2012 I quick taking the Copaxone and asked to see a new Neurologist. In December of 2012 I seen a new doctor and he confirmed I indeed have MS. I was also having abnormal reflex test. I questioned him about the normal LP; he told me that 30% of people with MS have a normal LP. He agreed the Copaxone was not working for me. I reviewed some of the different shot out there and I decided to give Rebif a try. I only started that about 3 weeks ago and I am already feeling better. No it will not correct or repair lesions but it seemed to have slow and stop some of my symptoms.

I am still pretty new to MS but I refuse to let it control me. I have no choice about it being a part of my life but I either let it destroy me and control the MS. I realize the possibilities of what MS can do in the future but that is in the future. I will live each day the best possible and let tomorrow worry about itself. I have bad days, for fact one is today but I am still here, I have love ones, I have a job, I have friends, and I have another day. I am currently back in college in hope that I will continue to be able to work. Plus I want to advocate for a cure for MS, good health care, and anything else.

As long as I can speak I will work hard to educate others about MS and other disease that effect so many. As for my son, he just went back to a doctor the other day. They are going to review his records and go from there. I do pray they are wrong about his possibility of having MS.

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