Knew Something Wasn’t Right

Now 49. Thinking back about 15 years ago the first thing was both of my lower legs going numb. I was always a runner. And EMGs the work up and basically chalked it up to probably running too much. About five years ago vision in my right upper field went bezerk. Saw every ophthalmologist and Neuro-ophthalmologist. Still no definite answer. About a year later my left eye went stupid. Then I was driving on vacation with my right hand arm shoulder and then trunk went numb. I didn’t think it was a stroke. Came back and finally was diagnosed with MS. Through all of these weird symptoms I had for years I have continued to work I am an OB/GYN. I’ve had to take temporary breaks from surgery and delivering babies to do the stupid visual stuff and numbness. It’s never come back completely. But I am able to continue working at this time. I’m on Copaxone. I refuse to take any of the other medications that are not really shown to prevent progression to secondary MS and that might kill me. I have focused on my diet which has never been bad to begin with. I’m taking additional supplements which no neurologists have ever recommend that I take. Even as a physician I am very skeptical about the treatment of MS. I’ve been through the high steroid treatment stuff never doing that again. I hope I don’t ever get secondary progressive but you really just don’t know what’s coming day to day. It really is amazing how it affects us all differently it’s really just a game of roulette. I wish all of you the best.

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