Kristi's MS Story

Hi, my name is Kristi I am 48 years old and was diagnosed with RRMS in 1995. My first symptoms were numbness and weakness on my left side shortly after I gave birth to my son and had a hysterectomy due to complications after giving birth. I hemorrhaged after the hysterectomy so I had to go through about a month of painful packing and infections before it finally healed. The numbness and weakness gradually spread from my tummy down my left leg then started to affect my left arm.

Since my dad has MS and his mom died from complications of MS I became concerned and finally went to see my family Dr. I was scared and knew something was wrong so when he told me the symptoms I was having were physically impossible and referred me to a therapist. I was embarrassed and very upset he didn't believe me so I waited a few years and just made an appointment with a neurologist. I went to the appointment with my list of symptoms and complaints and finally he believed me. After over a year and many, many tests I was finally diagnosed with RRMS and put on Betaseron. I did that for a couple months and had to stop due to depression. I then started Copaxone and had to change to another injection I can't remember the name of LOL but had to stop that med also.

The doctor said we would try one more med because that's all there was back then and that med was Tysabri infusions. I really liked it and it seemed to be working but when I went for an infusion they told me something was wrong in my blood work and I could not have any more transfusions of Tysabri. I was very upset, but such is. Since I wasn't on any MS meds I declined rapidly and quickly went from using a cane to a walker, to a wheelchair then bed bound. I lived at my parents house since my husband left me and my mom was my caregiver for a few years as well as my dad's caregiver since he also has MS and can't really walk himself. After a few years I could tell my mom was getting worn out and needed time for herself. So I decided to go to a nursing home which is where I am now. I've been here almost two years and am fairly happy. I saw a neurologist for the first time in many years due to MS problems. Going for a MRI next week and maybe solumedrol and back on a new MS med. Kind of excited. Wish me luck.

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