Too late for this to happen to me?

I was 39 years young, June of 1996, just had my second daughter . my 1st Dr, total me I was to old to have MS. Boy, but was he wrong! On my 40th Birthday I was told I did have MS :( Started out with tingling up & down my body Then numbness all over , so the steamroller was starting to move on with me on it :( The Dr. I had, didn't believe in giving myself shots would help, so nothing was given to me helping. Just the first round of steroids :( . I did get to go with my Husband , (now my X) & 2 daughters to Disney World! & even did a little jogging for the last time:(. Just started to use with a cane. Now I use a wheelchair all the time :( . I give myself a shot 3 times a week , I have the week ends off! & I'm stable as they say. The heat has been my worst enemy. But so far It seams to be leaving me alone! :) We'll see what next year has in store for me.

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