What I've Learned About Myself During My MS journey

I've had my MS diagnosis 13 years now, and during this time I've learned that I am much more than what I can do for others.

I always liked helping others and being at service to the people I cared about. Slowly my abilities have become more limited, and my world is much smaller. The energy I have left is spent on my kids and husband or in an effort to reclaim my strength and stamina.

Losing friends

I've lost a lot of friends over the years because I was either a bummer, or they couldn't get anything from me anymore. So I've had to change my perspective and see that it isn't me. I just have to limit my energy usage on anything that isn't vital. And I have much more to offer than just my service. I have companionship, humor and kindness. And if that's not enough, then we're not looking for the same things in a friend.

I've also learned that I am the best friend I could ever have. If I wasn't, that could make me my own worst enemy, and no one needs that.

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