Learning all I can!

Hello. I am a newbie. I was diagnosed in April. I really didn’t know what was wrong with me. I knew I was taking care of my grandmother who died on March 22,2021. She was my backbone. I cried. I was hurt, angry. Then I went for my physical.

What my doctor noticed

My primary is a talker like I am. We talked and talked. I thought we were done. She said hop on the table and let me examine you. I walked to the table and still kinda lost my balance, which I didn’t want her to see. She was like what was that? I’m like what? That walk. I was like I’m ok. I wasn’t going to say anything. I had fallen and again thought I was tired. I fell again. Tired, exhausted.

Being sent to the neurologist

She sent me to a neurologist and I’m like surely he’ll say oh you’re ok. He said walk in a straight line. I couldn’t. He said we need an MRI. I’m like surely all this isn’t necessary. I went for the MRI and went to him for the results. He said does anyone in your family have MS? Only thinking about my grandmother’s side because that’s who I grew up with. I had just began to know my grandfathers side. We do a prayer call each morning and I talked about my diagnosis. One lady said her father had it, someone said this family is full of inflammatory diseases. Crohn’s disease, lupus and MS among others.

Deciding to fight

That was the day I decided to fight. I would get my medicine,Rebif, change my diet and see the specialist. With urging from my therapist, I said agreed to got the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Atlanta to see the specialist Douglas Stewart. She said know many people with Ms and they go here and most see Doug. So I will see who my neurologist recommended, but I’m going to see Doug on August 3rd. This is my journey this far. I’ll keep you all updated.

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