MS Led to Love

I am 66 and MS was diagnosed in 1996, and ultimately led to Love. My boyfriend is 72, and we have been together 7 years this month. We met in 1990, but not the time for us. He had been following me, but lost me around the time MS started, 1996. He was still married when MS was diagnosed, I was on injectable treatment therapies for eleven years.

Mr. Bob and I became Facebook friends in 2009, I was still married, his wife died in 2007, and I divorced in 2013. We were both single. That year, 2013, my neurologist suggested a capsule, and I divorced. So he contacted me, and fireworks happened when my boyfriend and I had a first date that was an entire weekend, in Chicago where we met -- and no needles just a capsule! Best weekend of my life. No needles to interfere with a first date.

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