Almost Forgot My Legs!

I had a house cleaning job today (the only one I have left that I can still do). I always wonder if I'm going to make it through as they keep the house VERY warm which takes a while to cool down once you turn down the thermostat, as well as having two flights of stairs.

Are my legs coming home with me or not?

I'm thankful that I have it though, as it gives me SOMETHING to do once every couple weeks, and I always feel some sense of accomplishment - like yes! I was able to do it! Today was hard, and I don't even know if I remembered to put the vacuum away. My legs felt extremely weak and I was wondering if they planned on coming home with me or not? Well I made it home legs and all, and didn't even get stopped by the police. Good thing because I forgot my purse (with driver's license) at home!

Feeling a little less alone

I'll tell you, being able to share stuff like this is SO cathartic because I know you guys will understand and also hopefully it encourages and reminds someone else that they're not alone. xxxxxx's

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