To Lemtrada? or not to Lemtrada?

Hey guys, who of you here are on Lemtrada and how is it going for you? I've recently seen 3 neurologists (working together) who've come to the conclusion that Lemtrada may be the best option for me as I'm on Tysabri (JC positive) and still have quite agressive activity and have developed new lesions and they want to fight this ASAP.. Lemtrada will be out on PBS on the 1st of April.. I'm scared to switch because I think I'm doing okish on Tysabri, but the Neuro told me because I'm so young (21 diagnosed at 19) I can bounce back a bit better than others, but the damage will catch up with me down the track and we don't want any new lesions. I'm worried about the side effects of Lemtrada and knowing my luck I will probably get the worst ones -.- but I guess it's better than PML right :P

So any feedback would be great.

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