My letter to me

November 10, 2014
Ok...where oh where to begin?
I recently read a word-Confidence. It was on a sign. Where is my confidence? It is hidden somewhere. Buried deep somewhere. I need to dig it up, and shake the dirt off, and put it to use. Daily.
Then I read a blog-letter to self.
Well, here is my letter to self-
Dear Self,
You can do this! Trust me. It may seem impossible at times, and the road may be hard to climb and it may seem like all you are doing is climbing up those steep hills and dragging your legs behind you one at a time-but you can do it. Just keep going. Don't give up. Without you even thinking about it-it gets easier. I am not sure it gets easier because your symptoms are easing or because you are learning to cope better with where you are at in life-but it gets better. And when you look back you think-wow! It did get better. When? How? I lived through that. Me? Don't get cocky. Other things may happen that can thrust you into a tither. Just remember that the obstacles you overcame has proved to you that when other obstacles happen to cross your path, you can pick your self up and head with confidence in the path you want to go. It may be tough, but isn't that when the tough get going. You have a lot of life to live. Keep living it. And keep loving it. You can do it,
By Lisa D. Graham

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