It is hard for me to remember my life before MS. It was 1975 when I finally got the diagnosis, I was 21 and had had the symptoms long before the name was put on my crazy problem. In a odd way it was a relief to have a name to characterise the hurdles that faced me and in my ignorance I felt at the very least IT couldn't kill me. This was before MRI's and computers and medicine were available for MSers. My doctor said in hushed tones that I may never regain my walking skills, proper hand coordination or in general life as I had previously lived it. I am happy to say that Doctor was mistaken as now at the ripe "old" age of 61 I am a functional human (mostly), live om my own in my own house and do all the chores that go with it, have a handsome man who calls me MOM and most days (even days that MS tries to take me down) I am Living! Life is good, not perfect, but good. No one has ever said life was going to be easy and sometimes it is just plain hard, but there is a reason for everything and I feel blessed..lucky even, that I can do what I do and so far wake up every morning to face whatever challenges come my way. Life is what you make of it! I smile as I limp into the day before me on feet that I usually can't feel and I am humbled because for whatever reason, I can still do something! is what it is...

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